I'm Anthony Nandaa, a software developer/architect. More than all, I'm a disciple of CHRIST.

Quick Facts about Me:
  • Currently, I'm a Technical Team Lead at Andela, leading a team in building internal software.
  • June 2012 - Mar, 2015 - I was working at C4DLab  (employee #1) and School of Computing & Informatics (UoN) as a Graduate Assistant mainly involved with software development, teaching assistance and mentorship; then I pivoted from the path to being a university lecturer.
  • Started iTech2020 Inc (Dec, 2006) back in the village, then joined with a friend of mine (@MurayaKamau - primary, high School and village-mate) to transition it into Deveint Ltd (2008). Now it's slowly becoming an established digital agency and software development house.
  • In my free part time, I run my private innovation lab called Beyonde Labs
  • Play bass at Ahadi Band and Calvary Chapel Nairobi.
  • Workaholic (hard to admit), non-conformist and a gracious perfectionist.
  • Simple, minimalistic and lean.
My Skills
  • Software Engineering: Software Design/Architecture, Software Project Management/Lead, Backend (PHP/CodeIgniter, Python, NodeJS, DevOps), JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), CSS3, HTML5. 
  • Startups/Business: Lean Startup Methodology, Startup Incubation, Business Management
  • Design: UX, Adobe Illustrator/Fireworks, prototyping, Design Thinking.
  • Music: bass guitar, piano, singing.

My Work
  • In my undergraduate days, consulted with Web Tribe Ltd (2009-2012) and Habari Consulting, as a full-stack web developer. Worked on various client projects mainly using PHP (CodeIgniter) and JavaScript/jQuery.
  • My Own Projects:
    • Lugulu.net (2010) - a platform for my home village - Lugulu (Western Kenya) - archived (looking for contributor to make it vijiji.io)
    • Ackdemia (2012) - a platform for connecting lecturers and students - archived
    • GetKazi (2010) - a well-thought job search web application, soon re-emerged as Kazi+ (a recruitment platform for developers and IT specialists)
    • Alums.co - a platform for connecting primary and high schools with their alumni - currently ongoing.
    • Champions.io - "micro-philanthropy" redefined (in the pipeline).

How to Reach Me
  • Email: prof[at]nandaa[dt]com
  • Phone Number: + 254 728###438 (on email request)
  • Current Location: Nairobi, KE

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