Going Back to Core JavaScript

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My journey with JavaScript began way back in 2009, and I loved the language right from day 1 - now that I was quickly becoming a web development native.

From then, just like many developers in developing countries (Kenya), I went the full-stack way. I think this should change, we need to have (some) people specializing early enough, that's my opinion. Punching keys in between PHP (CodeIgniter), Python (AppEngine), HTML/CSS and JavaScript (mainly jQuery, then some AngularJS).

Recently, I made up my mind to go back to the trenches and pick the good old bare JavaScript and relearn it again, hopefully inside-out. Someone told me "a wise man knows that he knows not".

And like any other sane person, I quickly pick up Douglas Crockford's JavaScript: The Good Parts

So you can guess where I'm going, JavaScript heavy-weight / front-end dev.

So  my journey just began. If you wish to keep tabs with what I'm doing with the language, you can keep an eye on my GitHub profile and more so this repo on JS: The Good Parts

I'll close up with these wise words from the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich:

First they said JS couldn't be useful for building "rich internet apps"; Then they said it couldn't be fast; Then they said it couldn't be fixed; Then it couldn't do multicore/GPU; Wrong every time!; My advice, always bet on JS. [source: alwaysbetonjs.com]

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